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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

of Titus Andronicus.
2425Whiles I goe tell my Lord the Emperour,
How I haue gouernd our determind iest,
Yeeld to his humor, smooth and speake him faire,
And tarrie with him till I turne againe.
Titus. I knew them all though they supposd me mad,
2430And willl orereach them in their owne deuises,
A paire of cursed hellhounds and their Dame.
Deme. Maddam depart at pleasure, leaue vs here.
Tamora. Farewell Andronicus, Reuenge now goes,
To lay a complot to betray thy foes.
2435Titus. I know thou dost and sweet Reuenge farewell.
Chiron. Tell vs old man how shall we be imploid,
Titus. Tut I haue worke enough for you to doe
Publius, come hither, Caius, and Valentine.
Publius. What is your will?
2440Titus. Know you these two.
Pub. The Empresse sonnes I take them, Chiron. Deme-(trius.
Titus. Fie, Publius fie, thou art too much deceaude,
The one is Murder and Rape is the others name,
2445And therefore binde them gentle Publius,
Caius and Valentine, lay hands on them,
Oft haue you heard me wish for such an houre,
And now I finde it therefore binde them sure,
2448.1And stop their mouthes if they begin to crie.
Chiron. Villaines forbeare we are the Empresse sons.
2450Pub. And therefore doe we what we are commanded,
Stop close their mouthes let them not speak a word,
Is he sure bound, looke that you bind them fast.

Enter Titus Andronicus, with a knife, and Lauinia, with
a Bason.

2455Titus. Come, come, Lauinia looke thy foes are bound,
Sirs stop their mouthes let them not speake to me,
But let them heare what fearefull words I vtter.
Oh villaines Chiron and Demetrius,
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