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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

The most Lamentable Tragedie
Or some of you shall smoke for it in Rome.
1795Demetrius. By this our mother is foreuer shamde.
Chiron. Rome will despise her for this foule escape.
Nurse. The Emperour in his rage will doome her death.
Chiron. I blush to thinke vpon this ignomie.
Aron. Why ther's the Priuiledge your beautie bears:
1800Fie trecherous hue, that will betraie with blushing
The close enacts and counsels of thy hart:
Her's a young Lad framde of another leere,
Looke how the blacke slaue smiles vpon the father,
As who should say, olde Lad I am thine owne.
1805Hee is your brother Lords, sensiblie fed
Of that selfe bloud that first gaue life to you,
And from your wombe where you imprisoned were,
Hee is infraunchised, and come to light:
Nay hee is your brother by the surer side,
1810Although my seale be stamped in his face.
Nurse. Aron, what shall I say vnto the Empresse.
Demetrius. Aduise thee Aron, what is to be done,
And we will all subscribe to thy aduise:
Saue thou the childe, so wee may all be safe.
1815Aron. Then sit we downe and let vs all consult,
My sonne and I will haue the winde of you:
Keepe there, now talke at pleasure of your safetie.
Demetrius. How many women saw this childe of his?
Aron. why so braue Lords, when we ioine in league
1820I am a Lambe, but if you braue the Moore,
The chafed Bore, the mountaine Lionesse,
The Ocean swels not so as Aron stormes:
But saie againe, how manie saw the childe.
Nurse. Cornelia the Midwife, and myselfe,
1825And no one els but the deliuered Empresse.
Aron. The Empresse, the Midwife, and yourselfe,
Two may keepe counsell when the third's away:
Goe to the Empresse, tell her this I said. He kils her.