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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Titus Andronicus (Quarto 1, 1594)

of Titus Andronicus.
So trouble me no more, but get you gone.
3. Sonne. He is not with himselfe, let vs withdraw.
4102. Sonne. Not I till Mutius bones be buried.
The brother and the sonnes kneele.
Marcus. Brother, for in that name doth nature pleade.
2. sonne. Father, and in that name doth nature speake.
Titus. Speake thou no more, if all the rest will speede.
415Marcus. Renowmed Titus, more than halfe my soule.
Lucius. Deare father, soule and substance of vs all.
Marcus Suffer thy brother Marcus to interre,
His Noble Nephew here in vertues nest,
That died in honour and Lauinias cause.
420Thou art a Romane, be not barbarous:
The Greeks vpon aduise did burie Ayax
That slew himselfe: and wise Laertes sonne,
Did gratiouslie plead for his Funeralls:
Let not young Mutius then that was thy ioy,
425Be bard his entrance here.
Titus. Rise Marcus, rise,
The dismalst day is this that ere I saw,
To be dishonoured by my sonnes in Rome:
Well burie him, and burie me the next.
430they put him in the tombe.
Lucius. There lie thy bones sweete Mutius with thy(friends,
Till wee with Trophees doo adorne thy tombe:
they all kneele and say,
No man shed teares for Noble Mutius,
435He liues in fame, that dide in vertues cause.
Exit all but Marcus and Titus.
Marcus. My Lord to step out of these dririe dumps,
How comes it that the subtile Queene of Gothes,
Is of a sodaine thus aduaunc'd in Rome.
Titus. I know not Marcus, but I know it is.
440(Whether by deuise or no, the heauens can tell.)
Is shee not then beholding to the man,
C That