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  • Title: Timon of Athens (Folio 1, 1623)

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    Author: William Shakespeare
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    Timon of Athens (Folio 1, 1623)

    Enter Timon.
    Timon. They haue e'ene put my breath from mee the
    1240slaues. Creditors? Diuels.
    Stew. My deere Lord.
    Tim. What if it should be so?
    Stew. My Lord.
    Tim. Ile haue it so. My Steward?
    1245Stew. Heere my Lord.
    Tim. So fitly? Go, bid all my Friends againe,
    Lucius, Lucullus, and Sempronius Vllorxa: All,
    Ile once more feast the Rascals.
    Stew. O my Lord, you onely speake from your distra-
    1250cted soule; there's not so much left to, furnish out a mo-
    derate Table.
    88Timon of Athens.
    Tim. Be it not in thy care:
    Go I charge thee, inuite them all, let in the tide
    Of Knaues once more: my Cooke and Ile prouide. Exeunt