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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Iay. What thinke you of her Sir?
Doct. I think she has a perturbed minde, which I(cannot minister to.
Iay. Alas, what then?
Doct. Vnderstand you, she ever affected any man, ere
2585She beheld Palamon?
Iay. I was once Sir, in great hope, she had fixd her
Liking on this gentleman my friend.
Woo. I did thinke so too, and would account I had a(great
Pen-worth on't, to give halfe my state, that both
2590She and I at this present stood unfainedly on the
Same tearmes.
Do. That intemprat surfeit of her eye, hath distemperd(the
Other sences, they may returne and settle againe to
Execute their preordaind faculties, but they are
2595Now in a most extravagant vagary. This you
Must doe, Confine her to a place, where the light
May rather seeme to steale in, then be permitted; take
Vpon you (yong Sir her friend) the name of
Palamon, say you come to eate with her, and to
2600Commune of Love; this will catch her attention, for
This her minde beates upon; other objects that are
Inserted tweene her minde and eye, become the prankes
And friskins of her madnes; Sing to her, such greene
Songs of Love, as she sayes Palamon hath sung in
2605Prison; Come to her, stucke in as sweet flowers, as the
Season is mistres of, and thereto make an addition of
Som other compounded odours, which are grateful to the
Sence: all this shall become Palamon, for Palamon can
Sing, and Palamon is sweet, and ev'ry good thing, desire
2610To eate with her, crave her, drinke to her, and still
Among, intermingle your petition of grace and acceptance
Into her favour: Learne what Maides have beene her
Companions, and play-pheeres, and let them repaire to
Her with Palamon in their mouthes, and appeare with
2615Tokens, as if they suggested for him, It is a falsehood
She is in, which is with fasehoods to be combated.
This may bring her to eate, to sleepe, and reduce what's
Now out of square in her, into their former law, and
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