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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
2315Daugh. As ever you heard, but say nothing.
1. Fr. No.
Daugh. They come from all parts of the Dukedome to him,
Ile warrant ye, he had not so few last night
As twenty to dispatch, hee'l tickl't up
2320In two howres, if his hand be in.
Iay. She's lost
Past all cure.
Bro. Heaven forbid man.
Daugh. Come hither, you are a wise man.
23251. Fr. Do's she know him?
1. Fr. No, would she did.
Daugh. You are master of a Ship?
Iay. Yes.
Daugh. Wher's your Compasse?
2330Iay. Heere.
Daugh. Set it too'th North.
And now direct your conrse to'th wood, wher Palamon
Lyes longing for me; For the Tackling
Let me alone; Come waygh my hearts, cheerely.
2335All. Owgh, owgh, owgh, tis up, the wind's faire, top the
Bowling, out with the maine saile, wher's your
Whistle Master?
Bro. Lets get her in.
Iay. Vp to the top Boy.
2340Bro. Wher's the Pilot?
1. Fr. Heere,
Daugh. What ken'st thou?
2. Fr. A faire wood.
Daugh. Beare for it master: take about: Singes.
2345When Cinthia with her borrowed light, &c. Exeunt.
Scaena 2. Enter Emilia alone, with 2. Pictures.
Emilia. Yet I may binde those wounds up, that must(open
And bleed to death for my sake else; Ile choose,
And end their strife: Two such yong hansom men
2350Shall never fall for me, their weeping Mothers,
Following the dead cold ashes of their Sonnes
Shall never curse my cruelty: Good heaven,