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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
2. Qu. Honoured Hypolita
Most dreaded Amazonian, that ha'st slaine
The Sith-tuskd-Bore; that with thy Arme as strong
135As it is white, wast neere to make the male
To thy Sex captive; but that this thy Lord
Borne to uphold Creation, in that honour
First nature stilde it in, shrunke thee into
The bownd thou wast ore-flowing; at once subduing
140Thy force, and thy affection: Soldiresse
That equally canst poize sternenes with pitty,
Whom now I know hast much more power on him
Then ever he had on thee, who ow'st his strength,
And his, Love too: who is a Servant for
145The Tenour of the Speech. Deere Glasse of Ladies
Bid him that we whom flaming war doth scortch,
Vnder the shaddow of his Sword, may coole us:
Require him he advance it ore our heades;
Speak't in a womans key: like such a woman
150As any of us three; weepe ere you faile; lend us a knee;
But touch the ground for us no longer time
Then a Doves motion, when the head's pluckt off:
Tell him if he i'th blood cizd field, lay swolne
Showing the Sun his Teeth; grinning at the Moone
155What you would doe.
Hip. Poore Lady, say no more:
I had as leife trace this good action with you
As that whereto I am going, and never yet
Went I so willing, way. My Lord is taken
160Hart deepe with your distresse: Let him consider:
Ile speake anon.
3. Qu. O my petition was kneele to Emilia.
Set downe in yce, which by hot greefe uncandied
Melts into drops, so sorrow wanting forme
165Is prest with deeper matter.
Emilia. Pray stand up,
Your greefe is written in your cheeke.
3. Qu. O woe,
You cannot reade it there; there through my teares,