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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
1900Fight bravely Cosen, give me thy noble hand.
Arc. Here Palamon: This hand shall never more
Come neare thee with such friendship.
Pal. I commend thee.
Arc. If I fall, curse me, and say I was a coward,
1905For none but such, dare die in these just Tryalls,
Once more farewell my Cosen,
Pal. Farewell Arcite. Fight.
Hornes within: they stand.
Arc. Loe Cosen, loe, our Folly has undon us.
1910Pal. Why?
Arc. This is the Duke, a hunting as I told you,
If we be found, we are wretched, O retire
For honours sake, and safely presently
Into your Bush agen; Sir we shall finde
1915Too many howres to dye in, gentle Cosen:
If you be seene you perish instantly
For breaking prison, and I, if you reveale me,
For my contempt; Then all the world will scorne us,
And say we had a noble difference,
1920But base disposers of it.
Pal. No, no, Cosen
I will no more be hidden, nor put off
This great adventure to a second Tryall:
I know your cunning, and I know your cause,
1925He that faints now, shame take him, put thy selfe
Vpon thy present guard.
Arc. You are not mad?
Pal. Or I will make th' advantage of this howre
Mine owne, and what to come shall threaten me,
1930I feare lesse then my fortune: know weake Cosen
I love Emilia, and in that ile bury
Thee, and all crosses else.
Arc. Then come, what can come
Thou shalt know Palamon, I dare as well
1935Die, as discourse, or sleepe: Onely this feares me,
The law will have the honour of our ends.
Have at thy life.
H2 Pal.