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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
I will not spare you.
1825Pal. That's well said.
Arc. You'l finde it.
Pal. Then as I am an honest man and love,
With all the justice of affection
Ile pay thee soundly: This ile take.
1830Arc. That's mine then,
Ile arme you first.
Pal. Do: pray thee tell me Cosen,
Where gotst thou this good Armour.
Arc. Tis the Dukes,
1835And to say true, I stole it; doe I pinch you?
Pal. Noe.
Arc. Is't not too heavie?
Pal. I have worne a lighter,
But I shall make it serve.
1840Arc. Ile buckl't close.
Pal. By any meanes.
Arc. You care not for a Grand guard?
Pal. No, no, wee'l use no horses, I perceave
You would faine be at that Fight.
1845Arc. I am indifferent.
Pal. Faith so am I: good Cosen, thrust the buckle
Through far enough.
Arc. I warrant you.
Pal. My Caske now.
1850Arc. Will you fight bare-armd?
Pal. We shall be the nimbler.
Arc. But use your Gauntlets though; those are o'th least,
Prethee take mine good Cosen.
Pal. Thanke you Arcite.
1855How doe I looke, am I falne much away?
Arc. Faith very little; love has usd you kindly.
Pal. Ile warrant thee, Ile strike home.
Arc. Doe, and spare not;
Ile give you cause sweet Cosen.
1860Pal. Now to you Sir,
Me thinkes this Armo'rs very like that, Arcite,
H Thou