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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Emil. That were a shame Sir,
While I have horses: take your choice, and what
1255You want at any time, let me but know it;
If you serve faithfully, I dare assure you
You'l finde a loving Mistris.
Arc. If I doe not,
Let me finde that my Father ever hated,
1260Disgrace, and blowes.
Thes. Go leade the way; you have won it:
It shall be so; you shall receave all dues
Fit for the honour you have won; Twer wrong else,
Sister, beshrew my heart, you have a Servant,
1265That if I were a woman, would be Master,
But you are wise. Florish.
Emil. I hope too wise for that Sir. Exeunt omnes.
Scaena 6. Enter Iaylors Daughter alone.
Daughter. Let all the Dukes, and all the divells rore,
1270He is at liberty: I have venturd for him,
And out I have brought him to a little wood
A mile hence, I have sent him, where a Cedar
Higher than all the rest, spreads like a plane
Fast by a Brooke, and there he shall keepe close,
1275Till I provide him Fyles, and foode, for yet
His yron bracelets are not off. O Love
What a stout hearted child thou art! My Father
Durst better have indur'd cold yron, than done it:
I love him, beyond love, and beyond reason,
1280Or wit, or safetie: I have made him know it
I care not, I am desperate, If the law
Finde me, and then condemne me for't; some wenches,
Some honest harted Maides, will sing my Dirge.
And tell to memory, my death was noble,
1285Dying almost a Martyr: That way he takes,
I purpose is my way too: Sure he cannot
Be so unmanly, as to leave me here,
If he doe, Maides will not so easily
Trust men againe: And yet he has not thank'd me
1290For what I have done: no not so much as kist me,