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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Two Noble Kinsmen (Quarto, 1634)

The Two Noble Kinsmen.
Pal. Lets to the king, who, were he
435A quarter carrier of that honour, which
His Enemy come in, the blood we venture
Should be as for our health, which were not spent,
Rather laide out for purchase: but alas
Our hands advanc'd before our hearts, what will
440The fall o'th stroke doe damage?
Arci. Let th'event,
That never erring Arbitratour, tell us
When we know all our selves, and let us follow
The becking of our chance. Exeunt.
445Scaena 3. Enter Pirithous, Hipolita, Emilia.

Pir. No further.
Hip. Sir farewell; repeat my wishes
To our great Lord, of whose succes I dare not
Make any timerous question, yet I wish him
450Exces, and overflow of power, and't might be
To dure ill-dealing fortune; speede to him,
Store never hurtes good Gouernours.
Pir. Though I know
His Ocean needes not my poore drops, yet they
455Must yeild their tribute there: My precious Maide,
Those best affections, that the heavens infuse
In their best temperd peices, keepe enthroand
In your deare heart.
Emil. Thanckes Sir; Remember me
460To our all royall Brother, for whose speede
The great Bellona ile sollicite; and
Since in our terrene State petitions are not
Without giftes understood: Ile offer to her
What I shall be advised she likes; our hearts
465Are in his Army, in his Tent.
Hip. In's bosome:
We have bin Soldiers, and wee cannot weepe
When our Friends don their helmes, or put to sea,
Or tell of Babes broachd on the Launce, or women