Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Roger Apfelbaum
Peer Reviewed

Romeo and Juliet (Quarto 2, 1599)

Enter Lady of the house and Nurse.
2540La. Hold take these keies & fetch more spices Nurse.
Nur. They call for dates and quinces in the Pastrie.
Enter old Capulet.
Ca. Come, stir, stir, stir, the second Cock hath crowed.
The Curphew bell hath roong, tis three a clock:
Looke to the bakte meates, good Angelica,
Spare not for cost.
Nur. Go you cot-queane go,
2550Get you to bed, faith youle be sicke tomorrow
For this nights watching.
Ca. No not a whit, what I haue watcht ere now,
All night for lesser cause, and nere bene sicke.
La. I you haue bene a mouse-hunt in your time,
2555But I will watch you from such watching now.
Exit Lady and Nurse.
Ca. A iealous hood, a iealous hood, now fellow, what is there?
Enter three or foure with spits and logs,
and Baskets.
2560Fel. Things for the Cooke sir, but I know not what.
Ca. Make haste, make haste sirra, fetch drier logs.
Call Peter, he will shew thee where they are.
Fel. I haue a head sir, that will find out logs,
And neuer trouble Peter for the matter.
2565Ca. Masse and well said, a merrie horson, ha,
Twou shalt be loggerhead, good father tis day.
Play Musicke.
The Countie will be here with musicke straight,
For so he said he would, I heare him neare.
2570Nurse, wife, what ho, what Nurse I say?
of Romeo and Iuliet.
Enter Nurse.
Go waken Iuliet, go and trim her vp,
Ile go and chat with Paris, hie, make haste,
Make hast, the bridgroome, he is come already, make hast I say.