Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

of Richard the third.
Yet this good comfort bring I to your grace,
The Brittaine nauie is disperst, Richmond in Dorshire
Sent out a boate to aske them on the shore,
If they were his assistants yea, or no:
Who answered him, they came from Buckingham,
Vpon his partie, he mistrusting them,
Hoist sale, and made away for Brittaine.
3335King. March on, march on, since we are vp in armes,
If not to fight with forreine enemies,
Yet to beate downe, these rebels here at home.
Enter Catesbie.
Cat. My liege, the Duke of Buckingham is taken,
3340Thats the best newes, that the Earle of Richmond,
Is with a mightie power landed at Milford,
Is colder tidings, yet they must be told.
King. Away towardes Salisburie, while we reason here,
A royall battell might be wonne and lost.
3345Some one take order, Buckingham be brought,
To Salisburie, the rest march on with me. Exeunt.
Entee Darbie, Sir Christopher.
Dar. Sir Christapher, tell Richmond this from me,
3350That in the stie of this most bloudie bore,
My sonne George Stanlie is franckt vp in hold,
If I reuolt, off goes young Georges head,
The feare of that, with holdes my present aide,
But tell me, where is princelie Richmond now?
Christ. At Pembroke, or at Harford-west in Wales.
Dar. What men of name resort to him.
3360S.Christ. Sir Walter Herbert, a renowned souldier,
Sir Gilbert Talbot, Sir William Stanlie,
Oxford, redoubted Pembroke, Sir Iames Blunt,
Rice vp Thomas, with a valiant crew,
With many moe of noble fame and worth,
3365And towardes London they doe bend their course,
If by the way, they be not fought withall.
Dar. Retourne vnto thy Lord, commend me to him,
3367.1Tell him, the Queene hath hartelie consented,
He shall espouse Elizabeth her daughter,
L. These