Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedie
Qu. O thou wel skild in curses, staie a while,
And teach me how to curse mine enemies.
Qu.Mar. Forbeare to sleepe the nights, and fast the daies,
2890Compare dead happinesse with liuing woe,
Thinke that thy babes were fairer then they were,
And he that slew them fouler then he is,
Bettring thy losse makes the bad causer worse,
Reuoluing this, wil teach thee how to curse.
2895Qu. My words are dul, O quicken them with thine.
Q.Mar. Thy woes wil make them sharp, & pierce like mine.
Du. Why should calamitie be ful of words? Exit Mar.
Qu. Windie atturnies to your Client woes
2900Aerie succeeders of intestate ioies,
Poore breathing Orators of miseries,
Let them haue scope, though what they do impart,
Helpe not at al, yet do they ease the hart.
Duch. If so, then be not toong-tide, go with me,
2905And in the breath of bitter words lets smother
My damned sonne, which thy two sweet sons smotherd,
I heare his drum, be copious in exclaimes.
Enter K. Richard marching with Drummes
and Trumpets.
King Who intercepts my expedition?
2910Duch. A she, that might haue intercepted thee
By strangling thee in her accursed wombe,
From al the slaughters wretch, that thou hast done.
Qu. Hidst thou that forehead with a golden crowne
Where should be grauen, if that right were right,
2915The slaughter of the Prince that owed that Crowne,
And the dire death of my two sonnes, and brothers:
Tel me thou villaine slaue, where are my children?
Duch. Thou tode, thou tode, where is thy brother Clarence?
2920And little Ned Plantagenet, his sonne?
Qu. Where is kind Hastings, Riuers, Vaughan, Gray?
King A flourish trumpets, strike alarum drummes,
Let not the heauens heare these tel-tale women
2925Raile on the Lords annointed. Strike I saie. The trumpets
Either be patient, and intreat me faire,