Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedy
Cla. We know thy charge Brokenbury and will obey,
Glo. We are the Queenes abiects and must obey.
Brother farewell, I will vnto the King,
And whatsoeuer you will imploy me in,
115Were it to call King Edwards widdow sister,
I will performe it to enfranchise you,
Meane time this deepe disgrace in brotherhood,
Touches me deeper then you can imagine.
Cla. I know it pleaseth neither of vs well:
120Glo. Well, your imprisonment shall not be long,
I will deliuer you or lie for you,
Meane time haue patience.
Cla. I must perforce; farewell. Exit Clar.
Glo. Go treade the path that thou shalt nere returne,
125Simple plaine Clarence I doe loue thee so,
That I will shortly send thy soule to heauen,
If heauen will take the present at our hands:
But who comes here the new deliuered hastings?
Enter Lord Hastings.
130Hast. Good time of day vnto my gratious Lord:
Glo. As much vnto my good Lord Chamberlaine:
Well are you welcome to the open aire,
How hath your Lordship brookt imprisonment?
Hast. With patience (noble Lord) as prisoners must:
135But I shall liue my Lord to giue them thankes
That were the cause of my imprisonment.
Glo. No doubt, no doubt, and so shal Clarence too,
For they that were your enemies are his,
And haue preuaild as much on him as you.
140Hast. More pitty that the Eagle should be mewed,
While keihts and bussards prey at liberty.
Glo. What newes abroad?
Hast. No newes so bad abroad as this at home:
The King is sickly, weake and melancholy,
145And his Phisitions feare him mightily.
Glo. Now by Saint Paul this newes is bad indeede,
Oh he hath kept an euill diet long,
And ouermuch consumed his royall person,