Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedy
Yor. You meane to beare me, not to beare with me:
Vnckle, my brother mockes both you and me,
Because that I am little like an Ape,
1715He thinkes that you should beare me on your shoulders.
Buck. With what a sharpe prouided wit he reasons,
To mittigate the scorne he giues his Vnckle:
He pretely and aptly taunts himselfe,
So cunning and so young is wonderfull.
1720Glo. My Lo: wilt please you passe along,
My selfe and my good Coosen Buckingham,
Will to your mother, to entreate of her,
To meete you at the tower, and welcome you.
Yor. What will you go vnto the tower my Lo?
1725Prin. My Lo: protector needes will haue it so.
Yor. I shall not sleepe in quiet at the tower.
Glo. Why, what should you feare?
Yor. Mary my Vnckle Clarence angry ghost:
My Granam tolde me he was murdred there.
1730Pri. I feare no Vnckles dead.
Glo. Nor none that liue, I hope.
Pri And if they liue, I hope I neede not feare:
But come my Lo: with a heauy heart
Thinking on them, go I vnto the tower.
1735 Exeunt Prin. Yor. Hast. Dors. manet. Rich. Buck.
Buc. Thinke you my Lo: this little prating Yorke,
Was not incensed by his subtile mother,
To taunt and scorne you thus opprobriously?
1740Glo. No doubt, no doubt, Oh tis a perillous boy,
Bold, quicke, ingenious, forward, capable,
He is all the mothers, from the top to toe.
Buc. Well, let them rest: Come hither Catesby,
Thou art sworne as deepely to effect what we intend,
1745As closely to conceale what we impart.
Thou knowest our reasons vrgde vpon the way:
What thinkest thou? is it not an easie matter
To make William Lo: Hastings of our minde,
For the instalement of this noble Duke,
1750In the seate royall of this famous Ile?