Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedy
His venome tooth will rackle thee to death,
Haue not to doe with him, beware of him:
765Sinne, death and hell, haue set their markes on him,
And all their ministers attend on him.
Glo. What doth she say my Lo: of Buckingham?
Buck. Nothing that I respect my gratious Lord.
Qu. M. What doest thou scorne me for my gentle coun-(sell,
And sooth the diuell that I warne thee from:
O but remember this another day,
When he shall split thy very heart with sorrow,
And say poore Margaret was a prophetesse:
775Liue each of you the subiects of his hate,
And he to your, and all of you to Gods. Exit.
Hast. My haire doth stand on end to heare her curses.
Ryu. And so doth mine, I wonder shees at liberty.
Glo. I cannot blame her by gods holy mother,
780She hath had too much wrong, and I repent
My part thereof that I haue done.
Qu. I neuer did her any to my knowledge.
Glo. But you haue all the vantage of this wrong.
I was too hoat to doe some body good,
785That is too cold in thinking of it now:
Marry as for Clarence he is well repaid,
He is franckt vp to fatting for his paines,
God pardon them that are the cause of it.
Ryu. A vertuous and a Christianlike conclusion,
790To pray for them that haue done scathe to vs.
Glo. So doe I euer being well aduisde,
For had I curst, now I had curst my selfe.
795Cates. Madam his Maiesty doth call for you,
And for your Grace, and you my noble Lo:
Qu Catesby we come, Lords will you go with vs.
Ry. Madame we will attend your grace. Exeunt man. Ri.
800Glo. I doe the wrong, and first began to braule
The secret mischiefes that I set abroach,
I lay vnto the grieuous charge of others:
Clarence whom I indeed haue laid in darkenes,
I doe beweepe to many simple guls: