Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

of Richard the third.
O serue me well, and teach your selues that duty.
725Dors. Dispute not with her, she is lunatique.
Q M . Peace Master Marques you are malapert,
Your fire-new stampe of honour is scarse currant:
O that your young nobility could iudge,
What twere to loose it and be miserable:
730They that stand high haue many blast to shake them,
And if they fall they dash themselues to pieces.
Glo. Good counsell mary, learne it learne it Marques.
Dor. It toucheth you my Lo: asmuch as me.
735Glo. Yea and much more, but I was borne so high,
Our aiery buildeth in the Cedars top,
And dallies with the winde, and scornes the sunne.
Qu. M . And turnes the sun to shade, alas, alas,
Witnes my son, now in the shade of death,
740Whose bright outshining beames, thy cloudy wrath
Hath in eternall darkenes foulded vp:
Your aiery buildeth in our aieries nest,
O God that seest it, doe not suffer it:
As it was wonne with bloud, lost be it so.
745Buck. Haue done for shame, if not for charity.
Qu. M . Vrge neither charity nor shame to me,
Vncharitably with me haue you dealt,
And shamefully by you my hopes are butcherd,
My charity is outrage, life my shame,
750And in my shame, still liue my sorrowes rage.
Buck. Haue done.
Q. M . O Princely Buckingham, I will kisse thy hand
In signe of league and amity with thee:
Now faire befall thee and thy Princely house,
755Thy garments are not spotted with our bloud,
Nor thou within the compasse of my curse.
Buc. Nor no one here, for curses neuer passe
The lips of those that breath them in the aire.
Q. M. Ile not beleeue but they ascend the skie,
760And there awake gods gentle sleeping peace.
O Buckingham beware of yonder dog,
Looke when he fawnes, he bites, and when he bites,
C3 His