Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Adrian Kiernander
Peer Reviewed

Richard the Third (Quarto 1, 1597)

The Tragedy
But you must trouble him with lewd complaints.
Qu. Brother of Glocester, you mistake the matter:
The King of his owne royall disposition,
530And not prouokt by any suiter else,
Ayming belike at your interiour hatred,
Which in your outward actions shewes it selfe,
Against my kindred, brother, and my selfe:
Makes him to send that thereby he may gather
The ground of your ill will and to remoue it.
535Glo. I cannot tell, the world is growen so bad
That wrens make pray where Eagles dare not pearch,
Since euery Iacke became a Gentleman:
Theres many a gentle person made a Iacke.
Qu. Come come, we know your meaning brother Gl.
540You enuy my aduancement and my friends,
God graunt we neuer may haue neede of you.
Glo. Meane time God grants that we haue neede of you,
Our brother is imprisoned by your meanes,
My selfe disgract, and the nobility
545Held in contempt, whilst many faire promotions,
Are daily giuen to enoble those
That scarce some two daies since were worth a noble.
Qu. By him that raisde me to this carefull height,
From that contented hap which I enioyd,
550I neuer did incense his Maiesty
Against the Duke of Clarence: but haue beene,
An earnest aduocate to pleade for him.
My Lord you doe me shamefull iniury,
Falsely to draw me in these vile suspects.
555Glo. You may deny that you were not the cause,
Of my Lord Hastings late imprisonment.
Ryu. She may my Lord.
Glo. She may Lo: Ryuers, why who knowes not so?
She may doe more Sir then denying that:
560She may helpe you to many faire preferments,
And then deny her ayding hand therein,
And lay those honours on your high deserts,
What may she not, she may, yea marry may she.