Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Quarto 1, 1597)

King Richard the second.
A deed of slaunder with thy fatall hand,
Vpon my head and all this famous Land.
Exton. From your owne mouth my Lo. did I this deed.
2835King. They loue not poison that do poison neede,
Nor do I thee; though I did wish him dead,
I hate the murtherer, loue him murthered:
The guilt of conscience take thou for thy labor,
But neither my good word, nor Princely fauour;
2840With Cayne go wander through shades of night,
And neuer shew thy head by day nor light.
Lordes, I protest my soule is full of wo,
That bloud should sprincle me to make me grow:
Come mourne with me, for what I do lament,
2845And put on sulleyn blacke incontinent,
Ile make a voiage to the holly lande,
To wash this bloud off from my guiltie hand:
March sadly after, grace my mournings heere,
In weeping after this vntimely Beere.

2850 FINIS.