Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Quarto 1, 1597)

King Richard the second.
1075All is vneuen, and euery thing is left at sixe and seauen.
Exeunt Duke, Qu man. Bush. Green.
Bush. The winde sits faire for newes to go for Ireland,
But none returnes. For vs to leuie power
Proportionable to the enemy is all vnpossible.
Gree. Besides our neerenes to the King in loue,
1080Is neare the hate of those loue not the King.
Bag. And that is the wauering commons, for their loue
Lies in their purses, and who so empties them,
By so much fils their hearts with deadly hate.
Bush. Wherein the King stands generally condemnd.
1085Bag. If iudgment lie in them, then so do we,
Because we euer haue beene neere the King.
Gree. Well I will for refuge straight to Brist. Castle,
The Earle of Wiltshire is already there.
Bush. Thither will I with you, for little office
1090Will the hatefull commons perfourme for vs,
Except like curs to teare vs all to pieces:
Will you go along with vs?
Bag. No, I will to Ireland to his Maiesty,
Farewell if hearts presages be not vaine,
1095We three here part that nere shall meete againe.
Bush. Thats as Yorke thriues to beat backe Bullingbrook.
Gree. Alas poore Duke the taske he vndertakes,
Is numbring sands, and drinking Oceans drie,
Where one on his side fights, thousands will flie:
1100Farewell at once, for once, for all, and euer.
Bush. Well, we may meete againe.
Bag. I feare me neuer.
Enter Hereford, Northumberland.
Bull. How far is it my Lord to Barckly now?
North. Beleeue me noble Lord,
I am a stranger here in Glocestershire,
These high wild hils and rough vneuen waies,
1110Drawes out our miles and makes them wearisome,
And yet your faire discourse hath beene as sugar,
Making the hard way sweete and delectable,