Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Catherine Lisak
Peer Reviewed

Richard II (Quarto 1, 1597)

King Richard the Second.
But by faire sequence and succession?
Now afore God God forbidde I say true,
If you doe wrongfully seaze Herefords rightes,
850Call in the letters patents that he hath
By his attourneies generall to sue
His liuery, and deny his offred homage,
You plucke a thousand dangers on your head,
You loose a thousand well disposed hearts,
855And pricke my tender patience to those thoughts,
Which honour, and alleageance cannot thinke.
King Thinke what you wil, we cease into our hands
His plate, his goods, his money and his landes.
Yorke Ile not be by the while, my liege farewell,
860What will ensue hereof thers none can tell:
But by bad courses may be vnderstood
That their euents can neuer fall out good. Exit.
King Go Bushie to the Earle of Wiltshire straight,
Bid him repaire to vs to Ely house,
865To see this busines: to morrow next
We will for Ireland, and tis time I trow,
And we create in absence of our selfe,
Our Vnckle Yorke Lord gouernour of England;
For he is iust, and alwaies loued vs well:
870Come on our Queene, to morrow must we part,
Be merry, for our time of staie is short.
Exeunt King and Queene: Manet North.
North. Well Lords, the Duke of Lancaster is dead.
Rosse And liuing to, for now his sonne is Duke.
875Will. Barely in title, not in reuenewes.
North. Richly in both if iustice had her right.
Rosse My heart is great, but it must breake with silence,
Eart be disburdened with a liberall tongue.
North. Nay speake thy mind, & let him nere speake more
880That speakes thy words againe to doe thee harme.
Wil. Tends that thou wouldst speake to the Duke of Her-(ford?
If it be so, out with it boldlyman,
Quicke is mine eare to heare of good towards him.
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