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Authors: Thomas Middleton, William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

The Puritan (Folio 3, 1664)

Enter in haste Master Edmond and Frailty.
2145Edm. This is the Marriage morning for my Mother
and my Sister.
Frail. O me, Master Edmond, we shall have rare do-
Edm. Nay go, Frailty, run to the Sexton, you know
2150my mother will be married at Saint Antlings, hie thee, 'tis
past five, bid them open the Church door, my Sister is al-
most ready.
Fra. What already, Master Edmond?
Edm. Nay go hie thee, first run to the Sexton, and
2155run to the Clerk, and then run to Master Pigman the
Parson, and then run to the Milliner, and then run home
Frail. Here's run, run, run---
Ed. But hark, Frailty.
2160Fra. What, more yet?
Edm. Has the Maids remembred to strew the way to
the Church.
Fra. Foh, an hour ago I helpt 'em my self.
Ed. Away, away, away, away then.
2165Frail. Away, away, away, away, then. Exit Frailty.
Edm. I shall have a simple Father-in-law, a brave
Captain, able to beat all our street: Captain Idle, now
my Lady Mother will be fitted for a delicate name, my
Lady Idle, my Lady Idle, the finest name that can be for
2170a woman, and then the Schollar, Master Pye-boord for
my Sister Frances, that will be Mistresse Frances Pye-
boord, Mistresse Frances Pye-boord, they'll keep a good
Table I warrant you: Now all the Knights noses are put
out of joynt, they may go to a Bone-setters now.
2175Enter Captain and Pye-boord.
Hark, hark; oh who comes here with two Torches before
'em, my sweet Captain, and my fine Schollar? oh how
bravely they are shot up in one night, they look like fine
Britains now me thinks, here's a gallant change ifaith;
2180'slid, they have hir'd men and all by the Clock.
Cap. Master Edmond, kind, honest, dainty Master
Edm. Poh, sweet Ceptain Father-in-law, a rare per-
fume ifaith.
2185Pye. What, are the Brides stirring? may we steall up-
on 'em think'st thou, Master Edmond?
Edm. Faw, their e'ne upon readinesse I can assure
you: for they were at their Torch e'ne now, by the same
token I tumbled down the staires.
2190Pye. Alass, poor Master Edmond.
Enter Musicians.
Cap. O, the Musicians! I prethee, Master Edmond,
call 'em in and liquor 'em a little.
Edm. That I will, sweet Captain Father-in-law, and
2195make each of them as drunk as a common Fidler.
Exeunt omnes.