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  • Title: Life of Caesar
  • Editor: John D. Cox

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    Author: Plutarch
    Editor: John D. Cox
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Life of Caesar


    LI.After this he returned again into Italy and came to Rome, ending his year for the which he was made dictator the second time, which office before was never granted for one whole year, but unto him. Then was he chosen consul for the year following. Afterwards he was very ill spoken of, for that his soldiers in a mutiny having slain two Praetors, Cosconius and Galba, he gave them no other punishment for it, but instead of calling them soldiers he named them citizens, and gave unto every one of them a thousand drachmas a man, and great possessions in Italy. He was much misliked also for the desperate parts and madness of Dolabella, for the covetousness of Anitius, for the drunkenness of Antonius and Cornificius; which made Pompey's house be pulled down and builded up again, as a thing not big enough for him, wherewith the Romans were marvelously offended. Caesar knew all this well enough, and would have been contented to have redressed them: but to bring his matters to pass, he pretended he was driven to serve his turn by such instruments.