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  • Title: Life of Caesar
  • Editor: John D. Cox

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    Author: Plutarch
    Editor: John D. Cox
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    Life of Caesar


    50L. From thence he went into Syria, and so going into Asia, there it was told him that Domitias was overthrown in battle by Pharnaces, the son of king Mithridates, and was fled out of the realm of Pont with a few men with him: and that this king Pharnaces, greedily following his victory, was not contented with the winning of Bithynia and Cappadocia, but further would needs attempt to win Armenia the less, procuring all those kings, princes, and governors of the provinces thereabouts to rebel against the Romans. Thereupon Caesar went thither straight with three legions, and

    Caesar's victory of king Pharnaces.

    fought a great battle with king Pharnaces by the city of Zela, where he slew his army, and drave him out of all the realm of Pont. And because he would advertise one of his friends of the suddenness of this victory,

    Caesar writeth three words to certify his victory.

    he only wrote three words unto Anitius at Rome: ""Veni, vidi, vici:" I came, I saw, I overcame." These three words, ending all with like sound and letter in the Latin, have a certain short grace more pleasant to the ear than can be well expressed in any other tongue.