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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Tom Bishop
Not Peer Reviewed

Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

Pericles Prince of Tyre.
Baud. If it please the Gods to defend you by men, then
men must comfort you, men must feed you, men stir you
vp: Boults returnd. Now sir, hast thou cride her through
1610the Market?
Boult. I haue cryde her almost to the number of her
haires, I haue drawne her picture with my voice.
Baud. And I prethee tell me, how dost thou find the in-
clination of the people, especially of the yonger sort?
1615Boult. Faith they listened to mee, as they would haue
harkened to their fathers testament, there was a Spaniards
mouth watred, and he went to bed to her verie description.
Baud. We shall haue him here to morrow with his best
ruffe on.
1620Boult. To night, to night, but Mistresse doe you knowe
the French knight, that cowres ethe hams?
Baud. Who, Mounsieur Verollus?
Boult. I, he, he offered to cut a caper at the proclama-
tion, but he made a groane at it, and swore he would see her
1625to morrow.
Baud. Well, well, as for him, hee brought his disease hi-
ther, here he does but repaire it, I knowe hee will come in
our shadow, to scatter his crownes in the Sunne.
Boult. Well, if we had of euerie Nation a traueller, wee
1630should lodge them with this signe.
Baud. Pray you come hither a while, you haue
Fortunes comming vppon you, marke mee, you must
seeme to doe that fearefully, which you commit willing-
ly, despise profite, where you haue most gaine, to weepe
1635that you liue as yee doe, makes pittie in your Louers sel-
dome, but that pittie begets you a good opinion, and that
opinion a meere profite.
Mari. I vnderstand you not.
Boult. O take her home Mistresse, take her home, these
1640blushes of hers must bee quencht with some present