Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Tom Bishop
Not Peer Reviewed

Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

The Play of

Dombe shew.
Enter at one dore Pericles talking with Cleon, all the traine
with them: Enter at an other dore, a Gentleman with a
520Letter to Pericles, Pericles shewes the Letter to Cleon;
Pericles giues the Messenger a reward, and Knights him:
Exit Pericles at one dore, and Cleon at an other.
Good Helicon that stayde at home,
Not to eate Hony like a Drone,
525From others labours; for though he striue
To killen bad, keepe good aliue:
And to fulfill his prince desire,
Sau'd one of all that haps in Tyre:
How Thaliart came full bent with sinne,
530And had intent to murder him;
And that in Tharsis was not best,
Longer for him to make his rest:
He doing so, put foorth to Seas;
Where when men been, there's seldome ease,
535For now the Wind begins to blow,
Thunder aboue, and deepes below,
Makes such vnquiet, that the Shippe,
Should house him safe; is wrackt and split,
And he (good Prince) hauing all lost,
540By Waues, from coast to coast is tost:
All perishen of man, of pelfe,
Ne ought escapend but himselfe;
Till Fortune tir'd with doing bad,
Threw him a shore, to giue him glad:
545And heere he comes: what shall be next,
Pardon old Gower, this long's the text.

Enter Pericles wette.
Peri. Yet cease your ire you angry Starres of heauen,
Wind, Raine, and Thunder, remember earthly man
550Is but a substaunce that must yeeld to you:
And I (as fits my nature) do obey you.