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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Tom Bishop
Not Peer Reviewed

Pericles, Prince of Tyre (Quarto)

Pericles Prince of Tyre.
280From whence they haue their nourishment?
Per. Thou knowest I haue power to take thy life from(thee.
Hel. I haue ground the Axe my selfe,
Doe but you strike the blowe.
Per. Rise, prethee rise, sit downe, thou art no flatterer,
285I thanke thee fort, and heaue forbid
That kings should let their eares heare their faults hid.
Fit Counsellor, and seruant for a Prince,
Who by thy wisdome makes a Prince thy seruant,
What wouldst thou haue me doe?
290Hel. To beare with patience such griefes as you your
selfe doe lay vpon your selfe.
Per. Thou speakst like a Physition Hellicanus,
That ministers a potion vnto me:
That thou wouldst tremble to receiue thy selfe,
295Attend me then, I went to Antioch,
Where as thou knowst against the face of death,
I sought the purchase of a glorious beautie,
From whence an issue I might propogate,
Are armes to Princes, and bring ioies to subiects,
300Her face was to mine eye beyond all wonder,
The rest harke in thine eare, as blacke as incest,
Which by my knowledge found, the sinful father
Seemde not to strike, but smooth, but thou knowst this,
Tis time to feare when tyrants seemes to kisse.
305Which feare so grew in me I hither fled,
Vnder the couering of a carefull night,
Who seemd my good protector, and being here,
Bethought what was past, what might succeed,
I knew him tyrannous, and tyrants feare
310Decrease not, but grow faster then the yeares,
And should he doo't, as no doubt he doth,
That I should open to the listning ayre ,
How many worthie Princes blouds were shed,
To keepe his bed of blacknesse vnlayde ope,
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