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Authors: Anonymous, Michael Drayton, Richard Hathway, Antony Munday, William Shakespeare, Robert Wilson
Editor: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

The History of Sir John Oldcastle (Folio 3, 1664)

2050Enter servingmen again.
1. I marvel that my Lord should stay so long.
2. He hath sent to seek us I dare lay my life.
3. We come in good time, see where he is coming.
Har. I beseech you, good my Lord of Rochester, be
2055favourable to my Lord and master.
Cob. The inner roomes be very hot and close,
I do not like this air here in the Tower.
Harp. His case is hard, my Lord: you shall safely get
out of the Tower, but I will down upon them; in which
2060time get you away: Hard under Islington wait you my
coming, I will bring my Lady ready with horses to get
Cob. Fellow, go back again unto my Lord, and coun-
sel him.
2065Har. Nay, my good Lord of Rochester, I'le bring you
to S. Albons through the woods I warrant you.
Cob. Villain away.
Har. Nay since I am past the Towers liberty,
You part not so.He drawes.
2070Bish. Clubs, clubs, clubs.
1. Murther, murther, murther.
2. Down with him.
Har. Out you cowardly rogues.Cobh. escapes.
Enter Lieutenant, and his men.
2075Liev. Who is so bold as to dare to draw a sword
So near unto the entrance of the Tower.
1. This Ruffian, servant to sir John Oldcastle, was
like to have slain my Lord.
Liev. Lay hold on him.
2080Har. Stand off if you love your puddings.
Rochester calls within.
Help, help, help, Mr. Lievtenant, help.
Liev. Who's that within? some Treason in the
Tower on my life, look in, who's that which calls?
2085Enter Rochester bound.
Liev. Without your cloak, my Lord of Rochester?
Har. There, now it works; then let me speed,
For now's the fittest time to scape away.Exit.
Liev. Why do you look so gastly and affrighted?
2090Bish. Oldcastle that Traitor and his man,
When you had left me to conferre with him,
Took, bound, and stript me as you see,
And left me lying in this inner chamber,
And so departed, and I----
2095Liev. And you! Nere say that the Lord Cobham's man
Did here set on you like to murther you.
1. And so he did.
Bish. It was upon his Master then he did,
That in the brawl the Traitor might escape.
2100Liev. Where is this Harpool?
2. Here he was even now.
Liev. Where, can you tell? They are both escap'd.
Since it so happens that he is escap'd,
I am glad you are a witnesse of the same:
2105It might have else been laid unto my charge,
That I had been consenting to the fact.
Bish. Come, search shall be made for him with expedi-
tion, the Haven's laid that he shall not escape, and hue
and cry continue through England, to find this damned,
2110dangerous heretick.Exeunt.