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Authors: Anonymous, Michael Drayton, Richard Hathway, Antony Munday, William Shakespeare, Robert Wilson
Editor: Michael Best
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The History of Sir John Oldcastle (Folio 3, 1664)

The History of Sir John Oldcastle, &c.
Pri. O but, my Lord, sir Iohn repents, and he will mend.
2690Iud. In hope thereof, together with the favour
My Lord of Rochester intreats for you,
We are content you shall be proved.
Pri.I thank your good Lordship.
Iud. These falsly here accus'd, and brought
2695In peril wrongfully, we in like sort do set at liberty.
Lee. And for amends,
Touching the wrong unwittingly I have done,
I give these few Crowns.
Iud. Your kindnesse merits praise, sir Richard Lee,
2700So let us hence.Exeunt all but L. Powess and Cobham.
Pow. But Powess still must stay,
There yet remains a part of that true love
He owes his noble Friend, unsatisfied
And unperform'd, which first of all doth bind me
2705To gratulate your Lordship's safe delivery:
And then intreat, that since unlookt for thus
We here are met, your honour would vouchsafe
To ride with me to Wales, where though my power,
(Though not to quittance those great benefits
2710I have receiv'd of you) yet both my house,
My purse, my servants, and what else I have
Are all at your command. Deny me not,
I know the Bishop's hate pursues ye so,
As there's no safety in abiding here.
2715Cob. 'Tis true my Lord, and God forgive him for it.
Pow. Then let us hence, you shall be straight provided
Of lusty geldings: and once entred Wales,
Well may the Bishop hunt, but spight his face,
He never more shall have the game in chace.Exeunt.