Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Anthony Dawson
Not Peer Reviewed

Macbeth (Folio 1, 1623)

Scena Sexta.
Drumme and Colours.
Enter Malcolme, Seyward, Macduffe, and their Army,
2380with Boughes.
Mal. Now neere enough:
Your leauy Skreenes throw downe,
And shew like those you are: You (worthy Vnkle)
Shall with my Cosin your right Noble Sonne
2385Leade our first Battell. Worthy Macduffe, and wee
Shall take vpon's what else remaines to do,
According to our order.
Sey. Fare you well:
Do we but finde the Tyrants power to night,
2390Let vs be beaten, if we cannot fight.
Macd. Make all our Trumpets speak, giue thẽ all breath
Those clamorous Harbingers of Blood, & Death. Exeunt
Alarums continued.