Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Anthony Dawson
Not Peer Reviewed

Macbeth (Folio 1, 1623)

Scena Quarta.
Drum and Colours. Enter Malcolme, Seyward, Macduffe,
Seywards Sonne, Menteth, Cathnes, Angus,
2290and Soldiers Marching.
Malc. Cosins, I hope the dayes are neere at hand
That Chambers will be safe.
Ment. We doubt it nothing.
Syew. What wood is this before vs?
2295Ment. The wood of Birnane.
Malc, Let euery Souldier hew him downe a Bough,
And bear't before him, thereby shall we shadow
The numbers of our Hoast, and make discouery
Erre in report of vs.
2300Sold. It shall be done.
Syw. We learne no other, but the confident Tyrant
Keepes still in Dunsinane, and will indure
Our setting downe befor't.
Malc. 'Tis his maine hope:
2305For where there is aduantage to be giuen,
Both more and lesse haue giuen him the Reuolt,
And none serue with him, but constrained things,
Whose hearts are absent too.
Macd. Let our iust Censures
2310Attend the true euent, and put we on
nn3 Industrious
150 The Tragedie of Macbeth.
Industrious Souldiership.
Sey. The time approaches,
That will with due decision make vs know
What we shall say we haue, and what we owe:
2315Thoughts speculatiue, their vnsure hopes relate,
But certaine issue, stroakes must arbitrate,
Towards which, aduance the warre. Exeunt marching