Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Anthony Dawson
Not Peer Reviewed

Macbeth (Folio 1, 1623)

Scena Tertia.
Enter three Murtherers.
1. But who did bid thee ioyne with vs?
3. Macbeth.
12202. He needes not our mistrust, since he deliuers
Our Offices, and what we haue to doe,
To the direction iust.
1. Then stand with vs:
The West yet glimmers with some streakes of Day.
1225Now spurres the lated Traueller apace,
To gayne the timely Inne, end neere approches
The subiect of our Watch.
3. Hearke, I heare Horses.
Banquo within. Giue vs a Light there, hoa.
12302. Then 'tis hee:
The rest, that are within the note of expectation,
Alreadie are i'th'Court.
1. His Horses goe about.
3. Almost a mile: but he does vsually,
1235So all men doe, from hence toth'Pallace Gate
Make it their Walke.
Enter Banquo and Fleans, with a Torch.
2. A Light, a Light.
3. 'Tis hee.
12401. Stand too't.
Ban. It will be Rayne to Night.
1. Let it come downe.
Ban. O, Trecherie!
Flye good Fleans, flye, flye, flye,
1245Thou may'st reuenge. O Slaue!
3. Who did strike out the Light?
1. Was't not the way?
3. There's but one downe: the Sonne is fled.
2. We haue lost
1250Best halfe of our Affaire.
1. Well, let's away, and say how much is done.