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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Janelle Jenstad
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merchant of Venice (Quarto 1, 1600)

the Merchant of Venice.
Come come Nerryssa, for I long to see
Quick Cupids Post that comes so mannerly.
Nerryss. Bassanio Lord, loue if thy will it be. Exeunt.
1170Solanio and Salarino.
Solanio. Now what newes on the Ryalto?
Salari. Why yet it liues there vncheckt, that Anthonio hath a ship
of rich lading wrackt on the narrow Seas; the Goodwins I thinke
1175they call the place, a very dangerous flat, and fatall, where the car-
casses of many a tall ship lie buried, as they say, if my gossip report
be an honest woman of her word.
Solanio. I would she were as lying a gossip in that, as euer knapt
Ginger, or made her neighbours beleeue she wept for the death of
1180a third husband: but it is true, without any slips of prolixity, or
crossing the plaine high way of talke, that the good Anthonio, the
honest Anthonio; ô that I had a tytle good enough to keepe his
name company.
Salari. Come, the full stop.
1185Solanio. Ha, what sayest thou, why the end is, he hath lost a ship.
Salari. I would it might proue the end of his losses.
Solanio. Let me say amen betimes, least the deuil crosse my prai-
er, for heere he comes in the likenes of a Iewe. How now Shylocke,
what newes among the Merchants? Enter Shylocke.
1190Shy. You knew, none so well, none so well as you, of my daugh-
ters flight.
Salari. Thats certaine, I for my part knew the Taylor that made
the wings she flew withall.
Solan. And Shylocke for his own part knew the bird was flidge,
1195and then it is the complexion of them all to leaue the dam.
Shy. She is damnd for it.
Salari. Thats certaine, if the deuill may be her Iudge.
Shy. My owne flesh and blood to rebell.
Sola. Out vpon it old carrion, rebels it at these yeeres.
1200Shy. I say my daughter is my flesh and my blood.
Salari. There is more difference betweene thy flesh and hers,
then betweene Iet and Iuorie, more betweene your bloods, then
there is betweene red wine and rennish: but tell vs, doe you heare
whether Anthonio haue had any losse at sea or no?
E2 Shy. There