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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Janelle Jenstad
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merchant of Venice (Quarto 1, 1600)

the Merchant of Venice.
I would intreate you rather to put on
Your boldest sute of mirth, for we haue friends
730That purpose merriment: but far you well,
I haue some busines.
Gra. And I must to Lorenso and the rest,
But we will visite you at supper time. Exeunt.

Enter Iessica and the Clowne.
735Jessica. I am sorry thou wilt leaue my Father so,
Our house is hell, and thou a merry deuill
Didst rob it of some tast of tediousnes,
But far thee well, there is a ducat for thee,
And Launcelet, soone at supper shalt thou see
740Lorenso, who is thy new Maisters guest,
Giue him this Letter, doe it secretly,
And so farwell: I would not haue my Father
See me in talke with thee.
Clowne. Adiew, teares exhibit my tongue, most beautifull Pagan,
745most sweete Iewe, if a Christian doe not play the knaue and
get thee, I am much deceaued; but adiew, these foolish drops doe
somthing drowne my manly spirit: adiew.
Jessica. Farwell good Launcelet.
Alack, what heynous sinne is it in me
750To be ashamed to be my Fathers child,
But though I am a daughter to his blood
I am not to his manners: ô Lorenso
Yf thou keepe promise I shall end this strife,
Become a Christian and thy louing wife. Exit.

755Enter Gratiano, Lorenso, Salaryno, and Salanio.
Loren. Nay, we will slinke away in supper time,
Disguise vs at my lodging, and returne all in an houre.
Gratia. We haue not made good preparation.
Salari. We haue not spoke vs yet of Torch-bearers,
760Solanio. Tis vile vnlesse it may be quaintly ordered,
And better in my minde not vndertooke.
Loren. Tis now but foure of clocke, we haue two houres