Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Janelle Jenstad
Not Peer Reviewed

The Merchant of Venice (Quarto 1, 1600)

The comicall Historie of
the twinkling. Exit Clowne.
Bass. I pray thee good Leonardo thinke on this,
These things being bought and orderly bestowed
Returne in hast, for I doe feast to night
695My best esteemd acquaintance, hie thee goe.
Leon. My best endeuours shall be done heerein. Exit Leonardo.
Enter Gratiano.
Grati. Where's your Maister.
Leonar. Yonder sir he walkes.
700Grati. Signior Bassanio.
Bass. Gratiano.
Gra. I haue sute to you.
Bass. You haue obtaind it.
Gra. You must not deny me, I must goe with you to Belmont.
705Bass. Why then you must but heare thee Gratiano,
Thou art to wild, to rude, and bold of voyce,
Parts that become thee happily enough,
And in such eyes as ours appeare not faults
But where thou art not knowne; why there they show
710Somthing too liberall, pray thee take paine
To allay with some cold drops of modestie
Thy skipping spirit, least through thy wild behauiour
I be misconstred in the place I goe to,
And loose my hopes.
715Gra. Signor Bassanio, heare me,
Yf I doe not put on a sober habite,
Talke with respect, and sweare but now and than,
Weare prayer bookes in my pocket, looke demurely,
Nay more, while grace is saying hood mine eyes
720Thus with my hat, and sigh and say amen:
Vse all the obseruance of ciuillity
Like one well studied in a sad ostent
To please his Grandam, neuer trust me more.
Bass. Well, we shall see your bearing.
725Gra. Nay but I barre to night, you shall not gage me
By what we doe to night.
Bass. No that were pitty,
I would