Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Suzanne Westfall
Not Peer Reviewed

A Midsummer Night's Dream (Quarto 1, 1600)

A Midsommer nightes dreame.
To sweepe the dust, behinde the dore.
Enter King and Queene of Fairies, with all their traine.
2175Ob. Through the house giue glimmering light,
By the dead and drowsie fier,
Euery Elfe and Fairy spright,
Hop as light as birde from brier,
And this dittie after mee, Sing, and daunce it trippingly.
2180Tita. First rehearse your song by rote,
To each word a warbling note.
Hand in hand, with Fairy grace,
Will we sing and blesse this place.
2185Ob. Now, vntill the breake of day,
Through this house, each Fairy stray.
To the best bride bed will wee:
Which by vs shall blessed be:
And the issue, there create,
2190Euer shall be fortunate:
So shall all the couples three
Euer true in louing be:
And the blots of natures hand
Shall not in their issue stand.
2195Neuer mole, hare-lippe, nor scarre,
Nor marke prodigious, such as are
Despised in natiuitie,
Shall vpon their children be.
With this field deaw consecrate,
2200Euery Fairy take his gate,
And each seuerall chamber blesse,
Through this palace, with sweete peace,
Euer shall in safety rest,
And the owner of it blest.
2205Trippe away: make no stay:
Meete me all, by breake of day. Exeunt.
Robin. If we shadowes haue offended,
Thinke but this (and all is mended)