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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Pervez Rizvi
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Quarto 2, 1619)

The History of King Lear.
Affliction till it do cry out it selfe
Enough, enough, and dye: that thing you speake of,
I tooke it for a man: often would he say
The fiend, the fiend, he led me to that place.
2525Edg. Bare, free, and patient thoughts : but who comes heere,
The safer sense will nere accommodate his maister thus.

Enter Lear mad.
2530Lear. No, they cannot touch me for coyning, I am the King
Edg. O thou side piercing sight.
Lear. Nature is aboue Art in that respect, ther's your presse-
money. That fellow handles his bow like a Crow-keeper, draw
2535me a clothiers yard. Looke, looke, a Mouse; peace, peace, this
tosted cheese will do it. Ther's my gantlet, Ile proue it on a Gy-
ant, bring vp the browne bils. O well flowne birde in the ayre.
Hagh, giue the word.
2540Edg. Sweet Margerum.
Lear. Passe,
Glo. I know that voice.
Lear. Ha Gonorill, ha Regan, they flatter'd me like a dogge, and
told me I had white haires in my beard, ere the black ones were
2545there; to say I and no to all I saide : I and no too was no good
Diuinity. When the raine came to wet me once, and the wind to
make me chatter, when the thunder would not peace at my bid-
ding, there I found them, there I smelt them out : goe too, they
2550are not men of their words, they told mee I was euery thing, tis
a lye, I am not argue-proofe.
Glost. The tricke of that voyce I doe, well remember, ist not
the King?
Lear. I, euery inch a King: when I do stare see how the subiect
2555quakes: I pardon that mans life, what was thy cause, Adulterie?
thou shalt not dye for adultery: no, the wren goes toot, and the
small guilded flye do letcher in my sight; let copulation thriue.
2560For Glosters bastard son was kinder to his father then my daugh-
ters got tweene the lawfull sheets, toot Luxury, pell mell, for I
want souldiers. Behold yon simpring dame, whose face between