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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Pervez Rizvi
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Quarto 2, 1619)

The History of King Lear.
2115Glost. I haue a letter guessingly set downe,
Which came from one that's of a neutrall heart,
And not from one opposed.
Corn. Cunning.
Reg. And false.
2120Corn. Where hast thou sent the King?
Glost. To Douer.
Reg. Wherefore to Douer? wast thou not charg'd at perill ------
Corn. Wherefore to Douer? let him first answer that.
2125Glost. I am tide tot'h stake, and I must stand the course.
Reg. Wherefore to Douer sir?
Glost. Because I would not see thy cruell nayles
Plucke out his poore old eyes, nor thy fierce sister
2130In his aurynted flesh rash borish phangs,
The sea with such a storme of his lou'd head
In hell blacke night endur'd, would haue laid vp
And quencht the steeled fires, yet poore old heart,
He holpt the heauens to rage,
2135If Wolues had at thy gate heard that dearne time,
Thou shouldst haue said, good Porter turne the key,
All cruels else subscrib'd, but I shall see
The winged vengeance ouertake such children.
Corn. See't shalt thou neuer, fellowes hold the chaire,
2140Vpon those eies of thine, lle set my foote.
Glost. He that will thinke to liue till he be old -----
Giue me some helpe, ô cruell, ô ye Gods!
Reg. One side will mocke another, tother to.
Corn. If you see vengeance ------
2145Seruant. Hold your hand my Lord,
I haue seru'd you euer since I was a childe,
But better seruice haue I neuer done you, then now to bid you (hold.
Reg. How now you dog.
2150Ser. If you did weare a beard vpon your chin, ide shake it on
this quarrell, what do you meane?
Corn. My villaine. Draw and fight.
Ser. Why then come on, and take the chance of anger.
Reg. Giue me thy sword, a pesant stand vp thus.