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Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)

The Historie of King Lear.
2065Corn. Leaue him to my displeasure, Edmũd keep you our sister (company.

The reuenge we are bound to take vpon your trayterous father,
Are not fit for your beholding, aduise the Duke where you are (going
To a most festuant preparatiõ we are bound to the like,
Our 2070post shall be swift and intelligence betwixt vs,
Farewell deere sister, farewell my Lord of Gloster,
How now whers the King? Enter Steward.
Stew. My Lord of Gloster hath conueyd him hence,
2075Some fiue or sixe and thirtie of his Knights hot questrits after
him, met him at gate, who with some other of the Lords depen-
dants are gone with him towards Douer, where they boast to
haue well armed friends.
2080Corn. Get horses for your mistris.
Gon. Farewell sweet Lord and sister. Exit Gon. and Bast..
Corn. Edmund farewell. goe seeke the traytor Gloster.
Pinion him like a theefe, bring him before vs,
Though we may not passe vpon his life
2085Without the forme of Iustice, yet our power
Shall doe a curtesie to our wrath, which men may blame
But not controule, whose there, the traytor?
Enter Gloster brought in by two or three,
2090Reg. Ingratfull Fox tis hee.
Corn. Bind fast his corkie armes.
Glost. What meanes your Graces, good my friends consider,
You are my gests, doe me no foule play friends.
2095Corn. Bind him I say,
Reg. Hard hard, O filthie traytor!
Glost. Vnmercifull Lady as you are, I am true.
Corn. To this chaire bind him, villaine thou shalt find---
2100Glost. By the kind Gods tis most ignobly done, to pluck me
by the beard. Reg. So white and such a Traytor.
Glost. Naughty Ladie, these haires which thou dost rauish from(my chin
2105Will quicken and accuse thee, I am your host.
With robbers hands, my hospitable fauours
You should not ruffell thus, what will you doe.
Corn. Come sir, what letters had you late from France?
2110Reg. Be simple answerer, for we know the truth.