Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Quarto 1, 1608)

The Historie of King Lear.
They are Persian attire, but let them be chang'd.
2040Kent. Now good my Lord lie here awhile.
Lear. Make no noise, make no noise, draw the curtains, so, so, so,
Weele go to supper it'h morning, so, so, so, Enter Gloster.
Glost. Come hither friend, 2045where is the King my maister.
Kent. Here sir, but trouble him not his wits are gon.
Glost. Good friend I prithy take him in thy armes,
I haue or'e heard a plot of death vpon him,
Ther is a Litter ready lay him in't, 2050& driue towards Douer frend,
Where thou shalt meet both welcome & protection, take vp thy (master,
If thou should'st dally halfe an houre, his life with thine
And all that offer to defend him stand in assured losse,
Take vp the King 2055and followe me, that will to some prouision
Giue thee quicke conduct.
2056.1Kent. Oppressed nature sleepes,
This rest might yet haue balmed thy broken sinewes,
Which if conuenience will not alow stand in hard cure,
Come helpe to beare thy maister, thou must not stay behind.
2056.5Glost. Come, come away. Exit.
Edg. When we our betters see bearing our woes: we scarcely
thinke, our miseries, our foes.
Who alone suffers suffers, most it'h mind,
Leauing free things and happy showes behind,
2056.10But then the mind much sufferance doth or'e scip,
When griefe hath mates, and bearing fellowship:
How light and portable my paine seemes now,
When that which makes me bend, makes the King bow.
He childed as I fathered, Tom away,
2056.15Marke the high noyses and thy selfe bewray,
When false opinion whose wrong thoughts defile thee,
In thy iust proofe repeals and reconciles thee,
What will hap more to night, safe scape the King,
Lurke, lurke.
Enter Cornwall, and Regan, and Gonorill, and Bastard.
2060Corn. Post speedily to my Lord your husband shew him this(letter
The army of France is landed, seeke out the vilaine Gloster.
Regan. Hang him instantly.
Gon. Plucke out his eyes.