Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: Michael Best
Not Peer Reviewed

King Lear (Folio 1, 1623)

505Scena Tertia.
Enter Gonerill, and Steward.
Gon. Did my Father strike my Gentleman for chi-
ding of his Foole?
Ste. I Madam.
510Gon. By day and night, he wrongs me, euery howre
He flashes into one grosse crime, or other,
That sets vs all at ods: Ile not endure it;
His Knights grow riotous,and himselfe vpbraides vs
On euery trifle. When he returnes from hunting,
515I will not speake with him, say I am sicke,
If you come slacke of former seruices,
You shall do well, the fault of it Ile answer.
Ste. He's comming Madam, I heare him.
Gon. Put on what weary negligence you please,
520You and your Fellowes: I'de haue it come to question;
If he distaste it, let him to my Sister,
Whose mind and mine I know in that are one,
Remember what I haue said.
Ste. Well Madam.
525Gon. And let his Knights haue colder lookes among
you: what growes of it no matter, aduise your fellowes
so, Ile write straight to my Sister to hold my course; pre-
pare for dinner. Exeunt.