Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Modern, Quarto)

2983.1[Scene 19]
Enter at one door the King of England[, the Duke of Exeter] 2985and his [other] lords, and at the other door, the King of France, Catherine, [Alice,] the Duke of Bourbon, [the Duke of Burgundy,] and others.
King Henry
Peace to this meeting, wherefore we are met,
And to our brother France, 2990fair time of day.
Fair health unto our lovely cousin Catherine,
And as a branch and member of this stock,
We do salute you, Duke of Burgundy.
French King
Brother of England, right joyous are we to behold
Your face. So are we, princes English every one.
With pardon unto both, your mightiness,
Let it not displease you if I demand
3020What rub or bar hath thus far hindered you,
3020.1To keep you from the gentle speech of peace?
3055King Henry
If, Duke of Burgundy, you would have peace,
You must buy that peace,
According as we have drawn our articles.
3065French King
We have but with a cursenary eye,
O'erviewed them. Pleaseth your grace
To let some of your council sit with us,
3070We shall return our peremptory answer.
King Henry
Go, lords,
3071.1And sit with them, and bring us answer back.
Yet leave our cousin Catherine here behind.
French King
With all our hearts.
Exeunt all but [King Henry], Catherine, and the Gentlewoman [Alice].
3087.1King Henry
Now, Kate, you have a blunt wooer here left with you. If I could win thee at leap-frog, or with vaulting with my armor on my back into my saddle, without brag be it spoken, 3128.1I'd make compare with any. But leaving that, Kate, if thou tak'st me now, thou shalt have me at 3220the worst, and in wearing, thou shalt have me better and better. Thou shalt have a face that is not worth sunburning. But dost thou think that thou and I, between Saint Denis and Saint 3195George, shall get a boy that shall go to Constantinople and take the great Turk by the beard, ha, Kate?
Is it possible dat me sall love de enemy de France?
3160King Henry
No Kate, 'tis unpossible you should love the enemy of France, for Kate, I love France so well that I'll not leave a village; I'll have it all mine. Then, Kate, when France is mine and I am yours, then France is yours 3165and you are mine.
I cannot tell what is dat.
King Henry
No, Kate? Why I'll tell it you in French, which will hang upon my tongue like a bride on her new-married husband. Let me see -- Saint Denis be my speed! -- 3170Quand France est mon, --
Dat is, when France is yours.
King Henry
-- et vous êtes à moi, --
And I am to you.
King Henry
-- donc France êtes à vous, --
Den France sall be mine.
King Henry
-- et je suis à vous.
And you will be to me.
King Henry
Wilt believe me, Kate? 'Tis easier for me to conquer the kingdom than speak so much more French.
Ah, your majesty has false France enough to deceive de best lady in France.
King Henry
No, faith, Kate, not I. But Kate, in plain terms, do you love me?
I cannot tell.
King Henry
No? Can any of your neighbors tell? I'll 3185ask them. Come, Kate, I know you love me, and soon, when you are in your closet, you'll question this lady of me. But I pray thee, sweet Kate, use me mercifully, 3190because I love thee cruelly. 3140That I shall die, Kate, is sure, but for thy love, by the Lord, never. What, wench, a straight back will grow crooked, 3150a round eye will grow hollow, 3148.1a great leg will wax small, 3149.1a curled pate prove bald; but a good heart, Kate, is the sun and the moon, and rather the sun and not the moon. And therefore, Kate, take me, 3155take a soldier. Take a soldier, take a king. Therefore tell me, Kate, wilt thou have me?
Dat is as please the king my father.
King Henry
Nay, it will please him. Nay, it shall please him, Kate, and upon that condition, Kate, I'll kiss you.
O mon Dieu! Je ne voudrai faire quelque chose pour tout le monde. Ce n'est point votre façon en faveur.
King Henry
What says she, lady?
Dat it is not de fasion en France for de maids, before dey be married, to -- 3250Mais foi! J'oublie what is to baiser!
King Henry
To kiss, to kiss. Oh, that 'tis not the fashion in France for the maids to kiss before they are married.
Oui, sauf votre grace.
King Henry
Well, we'll break that custom. Therefore, Kate, patience perforce, and yield. [Kisses her] Before God, Kate, you have witchcraft in your kisses, and may persuade with me more 3265than all the French council. Your father is returned.
Enter the King of France, and 3270the lords [Exeter and Burgundy].
3270.1How now, my lords?
French King
Brother of England, we have o'erread the articles, 3320and have agreed to all that we in schedule had.
Only he hath not subscribed this: where your majesty demands that the king of France, having any occasion to write for matter of grant, shall name your highness in this form and with this 3330addition, in French: Notre très cher fils Henri, Roi d'Angleterre, et heir de France; and thus in Latin: Praecarissimus filius noster Henricus, Rex Angliae et heres Franciae.
French King
Nor this have we so nicely stood upon,
But you, fair brother, may entreat the same.
King Henry
Why then, let this among the rest have his full course, and withal, your daughter Catherine in marriage.
3337.1French King
This, and what else your majesty shall crave.
God, that disposeth all, give you much joy.
King Henry
Why then, fair Catherine, come, give me thy hand.
Our marriage will we present solemnize,
And end our hatred by a bond of love.
Then will I swear to Kate, and Kate to me,
3365And may our vows, once made, unbroken be.