Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Modern, Quarto)

2482.1[Scene 14]
2385Enter Pistol, [a] French [soldier], and the Boy.
Yield, cur! Yield, cur!
French Soldier
O Monsieur, je vous en prie, avez pitié de moi!
Moy shall not serve. I will have forty moys. 2405Boy, ask him his name.
Comment êtes-vous apellé?
French Soldier
Monsieur Fer.
He says his name is Master Fer.
I'll fer him, and ferret him, and firk him. Boy, discuss the same in French.
Sir, I do not know what's French for fer, ferret, and firked.
Bid him prepare, for I will cut his throat.
Faites-vous prêt: il veut couper votre gorge.
On y est ma foy! Couple la gorge! 2395Unless thou give to me egregious ransom, die. One point of a fox.
2415French Soldier
[To Boy] Que dit-il, monsieur?
Il dite, si vous ne voulez pas donner lui la grande rançon, il vous tuerez.
French Soldier
Oh! Je vous en prie, petit gentilhomme, parlez 2422.1a ce grand capitaine pour avez merci a moi, et je donnerai pour mon rançon cinquante écus. Je suis un gentilhomme de France.
What says he, boy?
Marry, sir, he says he is a gentleman of a great house of France, and for his ransom he will give you five hundred crowns.
My fury shall abate, and I the crowns 2430will take, and as I suck blood, I will some mercy show. 2445Follow me, cur.
Exeunt omnes.