Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Editor: James D. Mardock
Peer Reviewed

Henry V (Quarto 1, 1600)

The Chronicle Historie
3220And in wearing, thou shalt haue me better and better.
Thou shalt haue a face that is not worth sun-burning.
3136.1But doost thou thinke, that thou and I,
Betweene Saint Denis,
3195And Saint George, shall get a boy,
That shall goe to Constantinople,
And take the great Turke by the beard, ha Kate?
Kate. Is it possible dat me sall
Loue de enemie de France.
3160Harry. No Kate, tis vnpossible
You should loue the enemie of France:
For Kate, I loue France so well,
That Ile not leaue a Village,
Ile haue it all mine: then Kate,
When France is mine,
And I am yours,
Then France is yours,
3165And you are mine.
Kate. I cannot tell wat is dat.
Harry. No Kate,
Why Ile tell it you in French.
Which will hang vpon my tongue, like a bride
On her new married Husband.
Let me see, Saint Dennis be my speed.
Quan France et mon.
3172.1Kate. Dat is, when France is yours.
Harry. Et vous ettes amoy.
Kate. And I am to you.
Harry. Douck France ettes a vous:
Kate. Den France sall be mine.
3172.5Harry. Et Ie suyues a vous.
Kate. And you will be to me.
Har. Wilt beleeue me Kate? tis easier for me
To conquer the kingdome, thē speak so much
More French.