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  • Title: Anthony and Cleopatra (Modern)
  • Editor: Randall Martin
  • ISBN: 978-1-55058-433-2

    Copyright Randall Martin. This text may be freely used for educational, non-profit purposes; for all other uses contact the Editor.
    Author: William Shakespeare
    Editor: Randall Martin
    Not Peer Reviewed

    Anthony and Cleopatra (Modern)

    Enter a company of Soldiers.
    First Soldier
    Brother, goodnight. Tomorrow is the day.
    Second Soldier
    It will determine one way. Fare you well.
    2470Heard you of nothing strange about the streets?
    First Soldier
    Nothing. What news?
    Second Soldier
    Belike 'tis but a rumor. Good night to you.
    First Soldier
    Well, sir, good night.
    [Enter other Soldiers meeting them].
    2475Second Soldier
    Soldiers, have careful watch.
    Third Soldier
    And you. Goodnight, goodnight.
    They place themselves in every corner of the stage.
    Second Soldier
    Here we; and if tomorrow our navy thrive,
    I have an absolute hope 2480our landmen will stand up.
    First Soldier
    'Tis a brave army, and full of purpose.
    Music of the hautboys is under the stage.
    Second Soldier
    Peace, what noise?
    First Soldier
    List, list!
    2485Second Soldier
    First Soldier
    Music i'th'air.
    Third Soldier
    Under the earth.
    Fourth Soldier
    It signs well, does it not?
    Third Soldier
    2490First Soldier
    Peace, I say! What should this mean?
    Second Soldier
    'Tis the god Hercules, whom Antony loved,
    Now leaves him.
    First Soldier
    Walk. Let's see if other watchmen
    Do hear what we do.
    2495Second Soldier
    How now, masters?
    All Soldiers
    [Speaking together] How now?
    How now? Do you hear this?
    First Soldier
    Ay is't not strange?
    Third Soldier
    Do you hear, masters? Do you hear?
    First Soldier
    Follow the noise so far as we have quarter.
    2500Let's see how it will give off.
    All Soldiers
    Content. 'Tis strange.