Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Alarmes, and then enter Richard at one dore
and Clifford at the other.
Rich. A Clifford a Clifford.
Clif. A Richard a Richard.
1120Rich. Now Clifford, for Yorke & young Rutlands death,
This thirsty sword that longs to drinke thy bloud,
Shall lop thy limmes, and slise thy cursed hart,
For to reuenge the murders thou hast made.
Clif. Now Richard, I am with thee here alone,
1125This is the hand that stabd thy father Yorke,
And this the hand that slew thy brother Rutland,
And heres the heart that triumphs in their deathes,
And cheeres these hands that slew thy sire and brother,
C2. To
The Tragedie of Richard D. of
To execute the like vpon thy selfe,
1130And so haue at thee.
Alarmes. They fight, and then enters Warwike
and rescues Richard, & then exeunt omnes.