Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

The Tragedie of Richard D. of
1930No more my king, for he dishonours me,
And most himselfe, if he could see his shame.
Did I forget that by the house of Yorke.
My father came vntimelie to his death?
Did I let passe the abuse done to my neece?
1935Did I impale him with the regall Crowne,
And thrust king Henry from his natiue home,
And most vngratefull doth he vse me thus?
My gratious Queene pardon what is past,
And henceforth I am thy true seruitour,
I will reuenge the wrongs done to ladie Bona,
And replant Henry in his former state.
1945Queen. Yes Warwike I doe quite forget thy former
Faults, if now thou wilt become king Henries friend.
War. So much his friend, I his vnfained friend,
1950That if king Lewes vouchsafe to furnish vs
With some few bands of chosen souldiers,
Ile vndertake to land them on our coast,
And force the Tyrant from his seate by warre,
Tis not his new made bride shall succour him.
Lew. Then at the last I firmelie am resolu'd,
You shall haue aide: and English messenger returne
1970In post, and tell false Edward thy supposed king,
That Lewis of France is sending ouer Maskers
To reuell it with him and his new bride.
Bona. Tell him in hope heele be a Widower shortlie,
1975Ile weare the willow garland for his sake.
Queen. Tell him my mourning weedes be laide aside,
And I am readie to put armour on.
War. Tell him from me, that he hath done me wrong,
And therefore Ile vncrowne him er't be long.