Internet Shakespeare Editions

Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 3 (Octavo 1, 1595)

Yorke, and Henrie the Sixt.
Bona. Your grant or your denial shall be mine,
1870But ere this daie I must confesse, when I
Haue heard your kings deserts recounted,
Mine eares haue tempted iudgement to desire.
Lew. Then draw neere Queene Margaret and be a
Witnesse, that Bona shall be wife to the English king.
1880Prince Edw. To Edward but not the English king.
War. Henry now liues in Scotland at his ease,
Where hauing nothing nothing can he lose,
And as for you yourselfe our quondam Queene,
You haue a father able to mainetaine your state,
1895And better twere to trouble him then France.
Sound for a post within.
Lew. Here comes some post Warwike to thee or vs.
1905Post. My Lord ambassador this letter is for you,
Sent from your brother Marquis Montague.
This from our king vnto your Maiestie.
1910And these to you Madam, from whom I know not.
Oxf. I like it well that our faire Queene and mistresse,
Smiles at her newes when Warwike frets as his.
P. Ed. And marke how Lewes stamps as he were nettled.
Lew. Now Margaret & Warwike, what are your news?
Queen. Mine such as fils my hart full of ioie.
War. Mine full of sorrow and harts discontent.
1920Lew. What hath your king married the Ladie Gray,
And now to excuse himselfe sends vs a post of papers?
How dares he presume to vse vs thus?
Quee. This proueth Edwards loue, & Warwiks honesty.
War. King Lewis, I here protest in sight of heauen,
And by the hope I haue of heauenlie blisse,
That I am cleare from this misdeed of Edwards.
D2. No