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Author: William Shakespeare
Not Peer Reviewed

Henry VI, Part 2 (Quarto 1, 1594)

The first part of the contention of the two famous
Suffolke. My Lord Protector hath done wonders to day,
He hath made the blinde to see, and halt to go.
Humph. I but you did greater wonders, when you made whole
915 Dukedomes flie in a day.
915.1Witnesse France.
King. Haue done I say, and let me here no more of that.
Enter the Duke of Buckingham.
What newes brings Duke Humprey of Buckingham?
Buck. Ill newes for some my Lord, and this it is,
That proud dame Elnor our Protectors wife,
Hath plotted Treasons gainst the King and Peeres,
By vvichcrafts, sorceries, and cuniurings,
925Who by such meanes did raise a spirit vp,
To tell her what hap should betide the state,
927.1But ere they had finisht their diuellish drift,
By Yorke and my selfe they were all surprisde,
And heres the answere the diuel did make to them.
King. First of the King, what shall become of him?
938.1Reads. The Duke yet liues, that Henry shal depose,
Yet him out liue, and die a violent death.
Gods will be done in all.
What fate awaits the Duke of Suffolke?
938.5By water shall he die and take his end.
Suffolke. By water must the Duke of Suffolke die?
It must be so, or else the diuel doth lie.
King. Let Somerset shun Castles,
For safer shall he be vpon the sandie plaines,
938.10Then where Castles mounted stand.
930Card. Heres good stuffe, how novv my Lord Protector
This newes I thinke hath turnde your weapons point,
I am in doubt youle scarsly keepe your promise.
Humphrey. Forbeare ambitious Prelate to vrge my griefe,
And pardon me my gratious Soueraigne,
For here I svveare vnto your Maiestie,
943.1That I am guiltlesse of these hainous crimes
Which my ambitious vvife hath falsly done,
945And for she vvould betraie her soueraigne Lord,
I here renounce her from my bed and boord,